Some informal Spanish phrases: greetings, starting a conversation

Some informal Spanish phrases: greetings, starting a conversation


I've got a nice book with useful phrases in Spanish. Some of them are, of course, a bit impolite or even... , but I picked those which sound ok and can be posted here. They're only greetings - next time I'll write something on a different topic. E = Peninsular Spanish; AM - Latin American Spanish

¡Hombre, hace mucho que no te vemos! - Man, long time no see!

¿Qué pasa, tío/tía? ¿Qué pasa, tronco/tronca? - What's up, old man? E

¿Cómo andas? - How's it going?

¿Todo bien? - Is everything OK?

¿En qué andas? No se te ve el pelo. - What are you up to? I never see you. E

Pues como siempre - The usual stuff.

¿Qué es de tu vida? - What's up?

Todo bien. - Everything's fine.

¡Quiubo! - What's up? (short of "Qué hubo") AM

¡Quiay! - What's up? (short of "Qué hay") AM

¡Compadre! (male) ¡Comadre! (female) - Friend! AM

¡Oiga, hermano! - Hey, bro! AM

¡Oiga, colega! - Hey, pal! AM

¡Oye, chaval! - Hey, old man! E

Bueno, me piro./Me abro. - OK, I'm off.

Hasta otra/Nos vemos otro día. - See you some other time.

Estamos en contacto. - We're in touch.

Nos llamamos. - We'll call each other. E

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I promise to give you mooooore wink

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Wonderful, Issa, we can use these kind of things, I am bookmarking the threadwink

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