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need to translate some spices


recently moved to mexico with my family and having a hard time baking as the spices are not translated the way i know. I am in need of these spices to be translated. Nutmeg, allspice, rye flour (which all translators tell me is centeno de harina) but it is not correct) savory, fennel, marjoram. thanks so much to whoever can help me.

updated OCT 29, 2009
posted by polarmamaz6

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Allspice is pimienta de Jamaica. What may be not generally known is that, contrary to what its name implies, it's a "berry" that grows on the allspice tree. It is then dried in the sun so it can be ground. The tree's leaves are also incredibly fragrant.

Fennel is hinojo. But I'm guessing it's not used much in Spanish-speaking countries. That's because when I've used it to season ground meat, my Mexican friends definitely are not impressed.

updated OCT 30, 2009
posted by 005457e3

If you click on flashcards, (second from the left right under the logo) you can then type spices in the search bar and there are a few sets with spices in them.

updated OCT 29, 2009
posted by Seitheach
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