Spanish names for specific cookies and pastries

Spanish names for specific cookies and pastries


I would like to know the Spanish word for a macaroon cookie. I would also like to know if there is a website or a good book, pamphlet or list that provides the English and Spanish names of pastries and cookies.

updated MAR 23, 2008
posted by Warren

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Hola DaCRoN!

WOW!!! Thank you very much. I also really like the other links you supplied me with about just about every aspect of Spanish. After spending numerous hours on the internet and at Amazon.com, I still have been unable to find a good website or book that has comprehensive information in relation to correctly translating mental health terminology from English to Spanish. A few medical books, pamphlets and websites have a few basic translations, but that is it. Any help that you can provide in this area would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I'm also going to post this request under Discussion since this is under cookies and pastries.

updated MAR 23, 2008
posted by Warren

Hi Warren!!!
The next vocabulary in: http://www.vocabulario.com.mx/vocabulario_ingles_gastronomico.html

'café liégeois? helado de café con nata
'cascabellicos? cascabelillos
'chausson? / turnover 'chausson?
'choucroute? Melba 'choucroute? Melba
'coca de vidre? 'coca de vidre?
'ensaïmada? with quince jam ensaimada de cabello de ángel
'ensaïmada? ensaimada
'gâteau? (and almond ice cream) 'gató? (y helado de almendra)
'marron glacé? 'marron glacé?
'pain perdu? torrijas
'panellets? / smalls round cakes made with marzipan 'panellets? / pastelitos de mazapán
'pastissets? 'pastissets?
'pet-de-nonne? [little biscuits] pellizco de monja
'petit-suisse? 'petit-suisse?
'pijama? pijama
'soufflé? suflé
'soupe anglaise? sopa inglesa
'stracciatella? helado de 'stracciatella?
'tutti-frutti? 'tutti-frutti? / helado de 'tutti-frutti?
almond brittle crocante / guirlache
almond cake pastel de almendras / tarta de almendras
almond ice cream helado de almendra
almond loaf pan de almendras
almond nougat / Alacant nougat turrón de Alicante / turrón duro
almonds almendras
apple manzana
apple 'chausson? 'chausson? de manzana
apple cake pastel de manzana / tarta de manzana
apple compote compota de manzanas
apple gelly gelatina de manzana
apple jam confitura de manzana
apple pudding pudin de manzana
apricot albaricoque
apricot 'chausson? 'chausson? de albaricoque
apricot jam mermelada de albaricoque
asiatique pear pera asiática / nashi
assorted cakes surtido de pasteles
assorted cookies / assorted biscuits surtido de galletas
assorted fruit fruta variada
avocado aguacate
baba with raisins babá con pasas
baked apple manzana al horno
banana plátano / banana
banana flambée plátano flameado
banana ice cream helado de plátano
banana passionfruit curuba
banana split banana split
banana yoghurt yogur de plátano
bavarian cream bavarois
bavarian cream of soft cheese and honey bavarois de requesón con miel
bavarian cream with cassis bavarois al casis
bayberries madroños
bilberries arándanos / mirtilos
biscuit biscuit
biscuit rosquilla
biscuits with matured wine galletas con vino rancio
Bismarck 'bismarck?
bitter chocolate cake pastel de chocolate amargo
Black Forest selva negra
blackberries zarzamoras / moras
blancmange manjar blanco
brioche brioche
brownie 'brownie? / carré
Bulgarian yoghurt yogur búlgaro
butter and almond cake sara
butter cake / sand cake polvorón
butter croissant croissant de mantequilla
cake rosco / roscón
cake / pastry pastel / tarta
California plums ciruelas de California
California raisins pasas de California
Californian walnuts nueces de California
calville apple manzana calville
candied apples manzanas confitadas
candied fruit fruta confitada
candied pears peras confitadas
candied plums ciruelas confitadas
candied quince tart tartaleta
candy / sweet confite
cantaloup cantalope
Cape goosberry / Chinese lantern alquequenje
caramel custard with whipped cream flan con nata
caramel custard flan
caramel custard flan al caramelo
caramelized bavarian cream bavarois de crema quemada
cashew nut anacardo
cassata cassata / tarta helada cubierta de crema chantillí
Catalan caramelized custard cream cake pastel de crema catalana / tarta de crema catalana
Catalan crème caramel crema (catalana)
charlotte carlota
cheese 'soufflé? suflé de queso
cheese and raisin cake pastel de queso con pasas / tarta de queso con pasas
cheese cake pastel de queso / tarta de queso
cheese puff pastry 'allumette? de queso
cheese ramekins quesada
cherries cerezas
cherry chocolate bombón con cereza
cherry tart tartaleta de cerezas
chestnut cream crema de castañas
chestnuts castañas
Chinese custard flan chino
chocolate chocolatina
chocolate 'liégeois? ice cream helado de chocolate con nata
chocolate 'soufflé? suflé de chocolate
chocolate biscuit biscuit con chocolate
chocolate cake pastel de chocolate / tarta de chocolate
chocolate charlotte carlota de chocolate
chocolate chips / chocolate crunch crujiente de chocolate
chocolate choux / chocolate éclairs lionesas de chocolate
chocolate cream crema de cacao
chocolate crêpe crepe con chocolate
chocolate croissant croissant de chocolate
chocolate fondue fondue de chocolate
chocolate glacé bombón helado
chocolate ice cream helado de chocolate
chocolate mousse mousse de chocolate
chocolate muffin madalena de chocolate
chocolate nougat turrón de chocolate
chocolate parfait helado de nata con esencia de chocolate
chocolate pastry caña de chocolate
chocolate pudding pudin de chocolate
chocolate roll tronco (de chocolate)
chocolate surprise bombón almendrado
chocolate truffle tartufo
chocolate truffles trufa
chocolate yoghurt yogur de chocolate
choux / cream-bun éclairs lionesas
cilindrical wafer barquillos
claudia plums ciruelas claudias / ciruelas reinas / claudias
clementine clementina
clingstone peach albérchigo
cocoa cake pastel de cacao / tarta de cacao
coconut coco
coconut cake pastel de coco / tarta de coco
coconut nougat turrón de coco
coconut yoghurt yogur de coco
coffee cake pastel de café / tarta de café
coffee charlotte carlota de café
coffee choux / coffee éclairs lionesas de café
coffee crêpe crepe al café
coffee ice cream helado de café
coffee parfait helado de nata con esencia de café
compote compota
cone / cornet cucurucho / cornete
confectionery / assorted pastries / sweets repostería / dulces
cooked chocolate truffles trufa cocida
cookies / petit fours pastas
cookies / wafers galletas
cottage cheese requesón
coupe Impératrice copa emperatriz
coupe Melba copa Melba
cracknel carquiñol / currotaco
cracknel sequillo
cream filled swiss roll brazo de gitano
cream pastry caña de nata
crêpe / pancake crepe
crêpe Suzette crepe Suzette
croissant croissant / media luna
croissant filled with vegetables croissant vegetal
crunchy nougat turrón de crocante / turrón de guirlache
crunchy nougat ice cream crocanti / helado de crocanti
cumin-flavoured biscuits rosquillas de comino
curd cheese / soft cheese cuajada
curd cheese with honey cuajada con miel
curd cheese with quince preserve requesón y dulce de membrillo
custard apple chirimoya
custard choux / custard éclairs lionesas de crema
custard pastry caña rellena
custard with whipped cream crema con nata
custard-filled buns chucho
cylindrical wafers canutillo
dairy ice cream helado de crema / mantecado
dairy ice cream helado de leche
dairy ice cream helado de nata
dates dátiles
dessert made of fried milk leche frita
dessert postre
doughnuts churros
dried apple manzana pasa
dried figs higos secos
dried fruit and nut cake pastel de frutos secos / tarta de frutos secos
drinking yoghurt yogur líquido / yogur para beber
dry fruit tart tartaleta de frutos secos
Easter cake hornazo / pastel de Pascua
Easter egg huevo de chocolate / huevo de Pascua
egg custard crema de huevo y leche
egg custard flan de huevo
egg yolk nougat turrón de yema
fan-shaped wafer abanico
fig loaf pan de higo
figs higos
filled chocolate bombón relleno
floating island isla flotante
fondant fondant
fondant almond cake pastel de almendras fondant / tarta de almendras fondant
fresh fruit salad macedonia de frutas del tiempo
fresh strawberries fresas al natural
fried bananas plátano frito
frozen chocolate truffles trufa helada
fruit and chocolate morsels bocaditos de fruta (con chocolate)
fruit cake pastel de fruta / tarta de fruta
fruit pudding pudin de fruta
fruit salad macedonia
fruit salad in syrup macedonia de frutas en almíbar
fruit salad with yoghurt macedonia con yogur
fruit sorbet sorbete de fruta
fruit suprême suprema de fruta
fruit yoghurt yogur de frutas
fruits skewer pincho de frutas
full-fat yoghurt yogur enriquecido
garden strawberries fresones
garden strawberries with pepper fresones a la pimienta
garden strawberries with whipped cream fresones con nata
golden delicious manzana golden / golden
Grand-Marnier crêpe crepe al Grand-Marnier
grape uva
grapefruit pomelo
Greek yoghurt yogur griego
guava compote compota de guayabas
guava guayaba
harlequin ice cream arlequín
haws acerolas
hazelnut cake pastel de avellana / tarta de avellana
hazelnut ice cream helado de avellana
hazelnuts avellanas
horseshoe of puff pastry herradura
hot chocolate cake pastel caliente de chocolate / tarta caliente de chocolate
house pastries repostería de la casa
ice cream helado
ice cream cake tarta helada
ice cream goblet (one scoop, two scoops...) copa de helado (de una bola, de dos bolas, de tres bolas...)
ice cream slice corte (de helado)
ice cream slice helado de corte / helado de barra
ice cream with walnuts helado con nueces
ice lolly / popsicle polo
iced 'soufflé? suflé helado
iced biscuit biscuit helado
jam / marmalade mermelada
jam / marmalade / jelly confitura
jam crêpe crepe con mermelada
kaffir plums ciruelas kaffir
kaki fruit palosanto / caqui
kephir kéfir
kiwano kiwano
kiwi kiwi
lemon limón
lemon biscuits rosquillas de limón
lemon cake pastel de limón / tarta de limón
lemon ice cream helado de limón
lemon jam confitura de limón
lemon mousse mousse de limón
lemon sorbet sorbete de limón
lemon yoghurt yogur de limón
lime lima
liqueur chocolate bombón con licor
little cake pastelito
little cakes melindres
little chocolate cake pastelito de chocolate
little muffin minimadalena
little shortcakes pastas secas
local raisins pasas del país
local walnuts nueces del país
low-fat yoghurt yogur descremado / yogur desnatado
lychee lichi
macaroon / almond biscuit almendrado
macaroon with pistachios almendrado con pistachos
mandarin orange sorbet sorbete de mandarina
mandarin orange mandarina
mango mango
mangosteen mangostán
maracuja maracuyá
marc sorbet sorbete de marc de cava
marmalade / orange jam confitura de naranja
marzipan / almond paste mazapán
marzipan nougat turrón de mazapán
Massini cake masini
medlar chicozapote
medlar níspero
Melba Melba
Melba cornet cornete Melba
melon melón
melon in Port melón al oporto
melon pear / pear melon melón pera / pepino blanco / pepino dulce
melon soup sopa de sandía y melón
melon with... melón relleno
meringue merengue
milk roll bollo
milk sorbet sorbete de leche
millefeuille milhojas
mini-croissant minicroissant
mint chocolate bombón de menta
mixed fruit yoghurt yogur de macedonia
mousse mousse
muffin 'muffin?
muffin / madeleine madalena / magdalena
nectarine nectarina
Norwegian omelette tortilla noruega
nougat turrón
nougat turrón de nueces
nougat ice cream helado de turrón / helado de Jijona
nuts frutos secos
nuts and dried fruit frutos secos
nuts and dried fruit with muscatel frutos secos con moscatel
oil and sugar pastry coca de aceite y azúcar
orange naranja
orange cake pastel de naranja / tarta de naranja
orange in muscatel naranja al moscatel
orange jam mermelada de naranja
palm biscuits palmera
pancake panqueque
papaya papaya
parfait 'parfait? / helado de nata batida con esencia
pastry / tart torta
peach 'chausson? 'chausson? de melocotón
peach and yoghurt cream crema de melocotón y yogur
peach compote compota de melocotones
peach custard flan de melocotones
peach in syrup melocotón en almíbar
peach in wine melocotón al vino / melocotón a la crema de vino
peach jam confitura de melocotón
peach Melba melocotones Melba
peach melocotón
pear pera
pear cake pastel de pera / tarta de pera
pear charlotte carlota de pera
pear compote compota de peras
pear in syrup pera en almíbar
pear mousse mousse de pera
pears with whipped cream peras con nata
pears with wine peras al vino
peeled almonds almendras peladas
pineapple piña (tropical)
pineapple carpaccio carpaccio de piña
pineapple flambé piña flameada
pineapple in syrup piña en almíbar
pineapple mousse mousse de piña
pineapple pudding pudin de piña
pineapple with kirsch piña al kirsch
pineapple with whipped cream piña con nata
pineapple yoghurt yogur de piña
pinenuts piñones
pistachio ice cream helado de pistacho
pistachios pistachos
pitahaya pitahaya / pitaya
plain yoghurt yogur natural
plaited pastry trenza
plum cake / plum pudding 'plum-cake? / tarta de ciruelas
plum jam confitura de ciruelas
plum sorbet sorbete de ciruelas
plums / prunes ciruelas
plums in matured wine ciruelas con vino rancio
poire Belle-Hélène pera Bella Helena
pomegranate granada
pomegranate in muscatel granada con moscatel
praliné praliné
praline almendras garapiñadas
prickly pear / Barbary fig higo chumbo
profiteroles profiteroles / lionesas de nata con chocolate caliente
prunes ciruelas pasas
pudding púding / pudin
puff pastry 'allumette?
puff pastry hojaldre
puffed rice arroz inflado
pumpkin jam calabazate
quince cheese / quince preserve membrillo / dulce de membrillo
quince jam confitura de membrillo
quince millefeuille milhojas con compota de membrillo
raisin bread pan de pasas
raisins pasas
rambutan rambután
raspberries frambuesas
raspberries and whipped cream frambuesas con nata
raspberries Melba frambuesas Melba
raspberry custard flan de frambuesa
raspberry ice cream helado de frambuesa
raspberry jam mermelada de frambuesa
raspberry sorbet sorbete de frambuesas
red currant grosella (roja)
reinette apple manzana reineta
rice pudding arroz con leche
rum custard flan al ron
rum savarin savarín de ron
Sacher sacher / tarta sacher
salted almonds almendras saladas
salted cottage cheese requesón salado
Santiago cake tarta de Santiago
savarin savarín
seasonal fruit fruta (del tiempo)
shortbread mantecado / mantecada
sloe / prunella endrina
small cup (for drinking chocolate) jícara (de chocolate)
small rich custards tocinillo (de cielo)
small swiss roll búlgaro / tronco
soft cheese with honey requesón con miel
sorbet sorbete
spiced bread pan de especias
sponge cake bizcocho
square muffin madalena cuadrada / madalena valenciana / sobao
starfruit carambola
starking apple manzana starking
stewed fruit / fruit compote compota de fruta
strawberries in muscatel fresas con moscatel
strawberries in orange juice fresas con zumo de naranja
strawberries Melba fresas Melba
strawberries with whipped cream fresas con nata
strawberries fresas
strawberry cake pastel de fresa / tarta de fresa
strawberry charlotte carlota de fresas
strawberry chocolate bombón con fresa
strawberry ice cream helado de fresa
strawberry jam confitura de fresas
strawberry jam mermelada de fresa
strawberry tart tartaleta de fresones
strawberry yoghurt yogur de fresas
strips of dried peach orejones
struddel 'struddel?
stuffed 'ensaïmada? ensaimada rellena
stuffed pear pera rellena
suet pastry torta de chicharrones
suet pastry tortita de manteca
sugar and pine nut nougat piñonate
sugar crêpe crepe con azúcar
sugar loaf esponjado / bolado
sugared choux / sugared éclairs lionesas azucaradas
sugared fritters dulces de sartén
sweet / candy bombón
sweet made of sugar and egg yolk yema
sweet pastry torta de azúcar
sweet roll caña
sweets platos dulces
swetened yoghurt yogur azucarado
tarte Tatin tatín (de manzana)
tarte Tatin with banane tatín de plátano
tea biscuits pastas de té
terrine terrina / tarrina
thin biscuit sequillo
tipsy cake / rum baba bizcocho borracho
tiramisu tiramisú
tiramisu mousse mousse de tiramisú
toasted almonds almendras tostadas
toasted hazelnuts avellanas tostadas
toffee tofe / 'toffee?
toffee fondant with chocolate fondant de caramelo con chocolate
truffle choux / truffle éclairs lionesas de trufa
Twelfth-night cake rosco de Reyes / roscón de Reyes
vanilla 'soufflé? suflé de vainilla
vanilla custard flan de vainilla
vanilla ice cream helado de vainilla
wafer ambrosía / barquillo
wafer gofre
wafers with hazelnut filling barquillos rellenos de avellana
walnut cake pastel de nueces / tarta de nueces
walnuts nueces
walnuts in honey nueces con miel
watermelon sandía
wedding cake pastel de bodas / tarta de bodas / pastel nupcial / tarta nupcial
whipped cream choux / Chantilly éclairs lionesas de nata
whipped cream with walnuts nata con nueces
whipped cream with walnuts plato de nata con nueces
whipped cream plato de nata
whisky ice cream cake tarta helada con whisky
wild strawberries fresas de bosque
Xixona nougat turrón de Jijona
yoghurt / yoghourt / yogurt yogur / yoghourt
yoghurt mousse mousse de yogur
yoghurt with brown sugar and peppered strawberries yogur de muscovado con fresas a la pimienta
yoghurt with woodland berries yogur de frutas del bosque
your choice of strawberries fresas al gusto

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updated MAR 22, 2008
posted by DaCRoN

Hola DaCRoN,

You are correct. Almendrados is another way to say macaroon cookies. My Mexican friends and the pastry shop employee in Oakland, like macarron.

The dessert and recipes sites are great that you posted. ¡Muchisimas gracias!


updated MAR 22, 2008
posted by Warren

It worked! I went to my favorite mexican pastry shop. I said, 'Quisiera comprar un macarron.? The young woman responded, "Uno'" I replied, "Si." She smiled, and I smiled for two reasons--becuase I didn't have to point, and because the macaroon was--Que rico! grin

updated MAR 22, 2008
posted by Warren

Hola Eddy,

¡Muchisimas gracias!Your definitions are right on target. I looked up the Spanish words you provided me with for macaroon online and in various dictionaries. ¡Tiene razon! I'm looking forward to going to my favorite Mexican pastry store, and ordering macaroon cookies in Spanish instead of pointing. I will say, 'Quisiera comprar un macarron.? I'm only going to buy only one because they are very fattening, but very delicious.

The following is a site defining what a macaroon is: http://www.britannica.com/eb/article-9049613/macaroon

updated MAR 16, 2008
posted by Warren

hola heidita
acabo de mirar macarrón en la parte de español, todavia en Collins, y aquí dice macarrón de almendras.
como interes, tambien dice un macarrón es "a bulwark or a stanchion". definitivamente, no se puede cocinar con estos.

updated MAR 16, 2008
posted by Eddy

hola heidita
lo siento si me equivoco en la traducción. solo miré en el diccionario "collins" y debajo de la palabra Macaroon, dice macarrón. Bloody Stupid Collins.

updated MAR 16, 2008
posted by Eddy

Hi Eddy, what is a macarrón'?

Ahhhhh, my husband says: un canutillo!!!!!!!! WE don't use the word macarrón for sweets, it might be used elsewhere though. Here we would understand a cover for cables by macarrón.


Or barquillos, very typical for MAdrid


updated MAR 16, 2008
posted by 00494d19

hi warren
www.wordreference.com or just simply put "spanish cookies" into the google search.

updated MAR 16, 2008
posted by Eddy

hi warren
really difficult this one. "un macarrón". i didn't know it. just looked it up.
you can also have "un mostachón". dont know a web site at the moment but will look for one.

updated MAR 16, 2008
posted by Eddy
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