how do you use the subjunctive form?


I just need a reminder on how to make a sentence using the subjunctive form of a word...for example: Me molesta que …(subjuntivo) Me da rabia que…(subjuntivo) Me da miedo que…(subjuntivo)

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Do you mean how to conjugate it?

¡Dudo que venga! - I doubt that he will come/is coming.

¡Recomiendo que salgas! - I recommend that you leave.

If I remember correctly in order to find the conjugated form of most subjunctives you take the yo form of the present tense, take for example hablar, and then change the are endings to match. Hablo, remove the o, add e (since it has to differentiate itself from the present tense) and you get hable.

So hable is the first person singular, Hables is the second person singular, hable is the third person singular, hablemos is the first person plural Habléis is the vosotros form and hablen is the third person plural form (which includes the formal usted form)

For verbs like tener the first person form is "tengo" and its an IR/ER verb so you use a instead of e.

Take a gander at the conjugation table for hablar where it discusses the subjunctive.

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The Subjunctive Mood


There are 7 reference articles about the subjunctive here at Span¡shD!ct,com. The 1st of them is a "springboard" to the other 6 because it contains links to take you to the pages specific to the different times (past, present, future) for the subjunctive mood. Here is the Introduction to Subjunctive


Read as much or as little detail as you need to get the information you need.


There are also three lessons that deal with the subjunctive. They are:


Muchos saludos/Best regardsMoe

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Read the explanation on when to use the subjunctive by lazarus here:


especially starting on page 2. This is the clearest explanation of the use of the subjunctive that I have seen. Also one of the simplest and easiest to remember.

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Me molesta que...

That triggers the subjunctive? Looks indicative to me. Does make sense though, remembering the WEIRDO acrynom, it would be "Emotion" here but it can still be interpreted as an indication.

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yes, gustavo, mandatory subjunctive