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What does Ponerse Furioso mean?


What would ponerse furioso mean, its not there when I type in ponerse, and while I am here, I could not find el esmalte de uños?

updated OCT 27, 2009
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posted by 427nick427

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"ponerse" + emotion means "to become + emotion". Example: "Me pongo furioso" (I become furious). "Esmalte de uñas" (nail polish) is the opposite of "quitaesmalte" (nailpolish remover). Are yu doing a unit on a woman becoming furious because she can't get the right nail polish?

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by mountaingirl123
No, the unit is stem changing verbs and reflexive verbs. I hate reflexives so much - 427nick427, OCT 27, 2009
Keep after those reflexives! You'll get the hang of it and your communication options will really expand! - mountaingirl123, OCT 27, 2009

You needed to look up "poner". Ponerse furioso means to become angry Esmalte de uñas is nail varnish. Hope this helps.

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by 00515f39
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