What is a forer?

What is a forer?


I noticed this word especially in Heidita's posts. From the context, it looks like it means a contributor to discussions, or just a member of this site, but it would be nice if I got it confirmed. Neither English nor Spanish are my first languages so I'm still learning both grin I thought first of asking Heidita directly, but then thought that maybe there might be someone else wondering about the same thing... If not, then well, that just makes me special tongue laugh

And of course, gotta use every opportunity to say THANK YOU for this great site. Still can't believe something like this is completely free...

updated OCT 28, 2009
posted by sofiasonja

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Sofia, thanks for the question, actually there are more people who thought that a strange wordwink

forero, forera, forer

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by 00494d19

The Question/Answers section of this site is often referred to as the forum (i.e. forum for discussion/place to discuss ideas). And yes, you are correct by concluding that a forer is someone who engages in discussion on the forum

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by Izanoni1
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