Is this slang spanish?

Is this slang spanish?


Is the spanish being taught here slang or proper? I need slang...

updated OCT 29, 2009
posted by LindsayNichole
well my husband is mexican and he says that i need to learn slang spanish or else i will sound stupid if i speak proper because no one in mexico speaks proper spanish just like americans dont speak proper english... - LindsayNichole, OCT 29, 2009

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In an attempt to better understand your concern, I went to your profile to see where you were in being a Spanish speaker, but I don't know. I don't know your particular need, but it is OK to ask a question related to a slang term.

Keep in mind slang is different in each country, even each region and is always changing (think in English of saying something is the bee's knees, groovy, spiffy, cool, radical...) You can't use slang to communicate if you don't know the language. Slang terms in every language are woven within the structure of the formal language. (To say "It's so groovy" I need to understand English contractions, the different uses of the word "so" and word order rules of English.)

Also, slang refers to particular words and expressions, it is not a completely different way of speaking. So, other than perhaps if you simply want to know what some specific sentence someone said to you means, or if your intention in learning Spanish is simply to let rip an occasional expletive, you would need to first learn Spanish properly.

This site is intended to actually learn Spanish, and there is only one way to really do that - learn how to speak correctly. But we use the forum all the time to understand some particular idiom or slang term, especially as our basic skills get better.

I hope this helps, but if I understand what you need more or what you meant by "I need slang", perhaps I could say something more helpful.

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by kittybrougham

Hi LindsayNicho,

Try doing a search in this forum for slang. I'm sure that you will come up with several hits where the use of various slang terms have been discussed/demonstrated.

Here is a link to a site that lists Spanish slang words (courtesy of Marianne)

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by Izanoni1
Thank you for the great site Marianne! - kittybrougham, OCT 27, 2009
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