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I am (something) vs. I have (something).


I wasn't quite sure how else to phrase the subject but what I'm looking for is a list of phrases in Spanish where we would use "To be ____" in English, but Spanish uses "Tener _____"

Por ejemplo:

I am cold = Tengo frio You are jealous = Tienes celos I am 42 years old = Tengo años 42.

Muchas gracias!

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by Difster

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There's also "Tengo hambre" and "Tengo sed" for "I am hungry" and "I am thirsty".

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by spanishstudent95

Hi Dif! Here are some familiar tener expressions that denote "to be" in English:

tener miedo (de)= to be afraid (of)

tener éxito= to be successful

tener sueño= to be sleepy

tener calor= to be warm/hot

tener paciencia= to be patient

tener suerte= to be lucky

There are others that can be added to this, but these are all that I remember right now. Good luck! (¡Que tengas suerte!)

updated OCT 27, 2009
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posted by Deanski

Try this link to a reference page about "tener". Toward the bottom of that page is an additional "tener" link.

updated OCT 27, 2009
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