Let it be known....

Let it be known....


If ever the word of the day is aguacate and Nicole decides to pick back up on the synonym/antonym threads, that I am claiming rights to the word Palta as the synonym!

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by Seitheach
Oh yeah...well I call shotgun, so nyah! - Izanoni1, OCT 26, 2009
lol. Okay, I'll stay clear and look for another way to say it. :-) - --Mariana--, OCT 26, 2009

2 Answers


Your crazy! (But in a good way! Je je!)

updated OCT 26, 2009
posted by LAtINaPunKROcKerAConFundidA
Thanks. I do try! - Seitheach, OCT 26, 2009

Look on the bright side though.... if palta ever comes up as the word then aguacate is still available. No one has called dibs on it yet.

updated OCT 27, 2009
posted by Seitheach
Ja ja! Well then, I guess someone will have to call dibs on it. - LAtINaPunKROcKerAConFundidA, OCT 26, 2009
Aaaahh! I thought I called no dibsies when we started all of this! - Izanoni1, OCT 26, 2009
This stinks...nobody ever listens to me...*snif* - Izanoni1, OCT 26, 2009
Its ok, Im gonna bribe the moderators to delete his 'dib' thread if that word ever happens so you can grab it Izanoni1 ! - cheeseisyummy, OCT 26, 2009
Watch it really be a word in the next few days. - Seitheach, OCT 26, 2009
Now that would be classic! :) - Jason7R, OCT 26, 2009
Yeah! - LAtINaPunKROcKerAConFundidA, OCT 26, 2009
whoo hoo! - Izanoni1, OCT 26, 2009
I'm waiting for "dibsies" to be the word of the day.... jejeje - Valerie, OCT 27, 2009
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