How to type"diéresis" - I have just found accidentally.

How to type"diéresis" - I have just found accidentally.


How to type "umlaut" - I have just found accidentally.

If you have Spanish or US International keyboard you press accent key followed by letter to get accented letter, like this - ó, ú, é, etc...

If you press shift+accent key followed by letter you get umlaut - ö, ü, ë, etc...

Hope it will be of help for someone wink

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HI behe, great; this is called diéresis in spanish, thanks - 00494d19, OCT 26, 2009
Thanks, I had forgotten Spanish term, so I put German ;) - Behemoth, OCT 26, 2009
Looks, like it is umlaut in English, too. - Behemoth, OCT 26, 2009
Thanks, Behemoth. - --Mariana--, OCT 26, 2009
I needed this just yesterday and didn't know where to find it. I ended up cutting and pasting. - Goyo, OCT 26, 2009

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International Spanish Keyboard

Yea I figured that out today too. Very useful. Also check this image out. This is the International Spanish keyboard. If you look at the control panel down the bottom you can see how to produce each quadrant of each key. The fourth quadrant however is usually Ctr+Alt (eg Ctr+Alt+2 makes a @).



Ref: http://www.forlang.wsu.edu/images/kspanish.gif

updated OCT 26, 2009
posted by orlando89
Thank you ;) - Behemoth, OCT 26, 2009
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