Accenting flash card answers

Accenting flash card answers


Is there a way to place accents in written flashcard answers that is faster than using the mouse to point and click on the accented vowel in the table below?

updated OCT 26, 2009
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This are instructions to add another language keyboard. This is the sequence used in Windows Vista and I´m sure it´s similar with other systems:

Start - Control Panel - Clock, Language, and Region - Regional and Language Options - Keyboards and Languages

From here you can add the option of being able to change between English keyboard and many other keyboard languages.

After selecting the Spanish keyboard, you type an accented vowel by first hitting the key for ' and " (just to the right of semicolon key) followed by the appropriate vowel. Also, ñ is the semicolon key.

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Thanks! I'll try the Spanish keyboard and Vikingo's solution to see which works best for me. - Malenor, OCT 25, 2009
Seth - Be sure to "click" on the link in my reply to "This Reference Article" because I think it steers users in the same direction as your suggestion. - Moe, OCT 26, 2009

¡Hola!, Malenor

Look at This Reference Article explaining how to type Spanish Characters

¿ ¡áÁéÉíÍóÓúÚÜü

I have to tell you, this To Vikingo's Program was my choice and what I used to make the Characters you see on the line above:

If you choose Vikingo's simple quick fix, be sure you also See This

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