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would u translate this dialogue into English?


MUJER: ¿Tendría usted algún problema en regresar a la habitación que ahora ocupa el domingo antes de las doce de la mañana? HOMBRE: - Por supuesto que no. Ni siquiera contábamos con que en estas fechas tuvieran ustedes habitaciones, así que… ¡todo perfecto!

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woman-"Do you have a problem staying in the same room"................................... man " Of course not. We realize it is a miracle you have available rooms-cool."........................... This translation thing is so easy once you stop thinking in your natural language. Of course scientific papers and legal documents are another thing..........................

Good night ladies, farewell gentlemen. Buenas noches damas y caballeros.

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¡Hola!, Geantgene:

Well I looked over your profile page and the questiopns you have previously asked. It looks like you have been a member for 10 days or 2 weeks at least. So, it's time to get up to date on our learning community practices and habits. When you ask for a translation, the standard or norm is that you tell in your question entry what you already know and try to identify any specific area that is causing you a problem.

Then, someone will do what they can to help you.

Here is the information I've been giving recently to newer members to help them with doing translations on their own. Just keep in mind, that if your are still left with question(s) in spite of your best efforts, we want you to come back for help. It's just a sort of a help us to help you approach.

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You will have to try first, then we jump in to help you.

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