"Archivo Muerto"

"Archivo Muerto"


What is the word used in Accounting that refers to old files that must be stored as a backup in case they´re needed (required) after some specific number of years? Thank you!

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bassa, which is your native language?, please fill in the profile - 00494d19, OCT 25, 2009

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For 28 years I worked for the Canadian Government. My department was required to maintain historic files for very long periods of time. Older files, say beyond 4 years, old were sent to Canada's Public Archives Record Center. It was said that they had been sent to PARC. It meant they had been transferred to "archival storage" or for short, 'the archives".

Canadian businesses often have an inactive records storage area where they park their "archived records".

I hope this is some help .


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Bassa, si hubieramos sabido tu idioma nativo, no hubieramos tenido que adivinar wink

Lo que buscas es:

"inactive files"

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"Archives" is what I call them. - cheeseisyummy, OCT 25, 2009
Why not files? - 00494d19, OCT 25, 2009
"Archives" is where you store old files. :) Not really a cognate. ;) - Valerie, OCT 25, 2009
I´d like to thank Moe, Heidita, cheeseisyumm, and Valerie. I think "Archives" is what I was looking for, in business; and Archived Records when files have to do with government issues. Have a great day! - bassagui, OCT 26, 2009

Archivos Guardadas. wink

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ChamacoMalo, what I need is the English term, but thanks anyway! - bassagui, OCT 25, 2009
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