que es siguelo?

que es siguelo?


hola. tengo una pregunta. que es siguelo? it was used in the following sentence: muy bien siguelo

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Could you give the entire sentence, with capitalization and punctuation to be sure we understand what you are asking about? - chaparrito, OCT 25, 2009

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It should be "síguelo" where the verb is "seguir" = to follow.

"lo" is the pronoun = "him" or "it"

So: "muy bien síguelo" = "very fine/well he/she/it follows he/it" confusing -- let's just say "very well, she follows him"

However I also found it to reference "Babe" which I don't understand, and it could fit the context provided. Your choice on this one.

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posted by Daniel
Daniel - My google search turned up an extensive number of hits spelled "siguelo". How did you determine that it should more properly be spelled "síguelo" with a tilde over the "i"? How do you know it is misspelled? - Moe, OCT 24, 2009


The root verb is "seguir" and is irregular. The conjugation is "sigue" 3rd prsn present.

When the pronoun is attached to the end we need to add a accent over the "i" and we get "síguelo".

Oh and yes I got hits without the accent as well -- I do not understand this.

I just now checked RAE and WR and they have the accent.

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(Del lat. *sequ?re, de sequi, con la t. de ire).

  1. tr. Ir después o detrás de alguien. U. t. c. intr.

taken fron the Royal Spanish Academy or Real Academia Española .......

It is spelled with a g, I was spelling it with the letter "Q"

means to follow someone......

perseguir. (Del lat. pers?qui). 1. tr. Seguir a quien va huyendo, con ánimo de alcanzarle.(Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados)

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Gus-How would you use this infromation to explain the meaning of "muy bien siguelo"? - Moe, OCT 24, 2009
The questioner has to investigate how to conjugate the vrb sequir... 'am not doing all the work for him or her. - 00769608, OCT 24, 2009


I did an extensive "Google" search for the word "siguelo" . I think what I found was that "siguelo" means "Babe". Does that make any sense to you? In the question you asked:

muy bien siguelo = very good babe

Does that make any sense? If you would like, do an internet search on your own. Here is the instruction I like to give to help people to conduct such a search. Its a sort of a pre-written instruction so please don't be offended by it. It just saves me a lot of writing to use a pre-printed format that I can just paste in here. Here it is:


The Best Way to Answer Your Question is

……………….Through an Internet Search

The Information you have asked about is not available through the materials found on the Span¡shD!ct learning web site. To find an answer to your question, someone must use “Google”, “Bing” or some other search engine. Please conduct an internet search and after you find the information you want, if you still have a question, return here and enter your question in the “Reply” window below on this Question/Post/Thread page. While we want to help you in your pursuit of learning, we need you to research and bring the basic information needed. In a way, we need for you to help us to help you.



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