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Is learning spanish hard?


Thanks for helping me.

updated OCT 24, 2009
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I agree with all of that. Stick with it, and don't let yourself forget anything! Try to hang out with native speakers as much as you can, too, because from them you'll learn what verbs are more common than others, and also common sentence structures that you won't learn in a classroom.

updated ABR 16, 2013
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Anything worth doing or having will cost you something. Results are directly reflective of the effort you put into learning.

updated OCT 24, 2009
posted by Seitheach
¡Sin duda! - Yeser007, OCT 23, 2009

The vocabulary isn't hard to learn, it's the understanding the speaking that is difficult. That's what takes the most time. But don't be discouraged! With the time, listening to news, music, passing converstions, ect, it won't take you long at all! I have faith in you, and you will be speaking with the best before you even know it! wink

updated OCT 23, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo
This is very true. I know a lot of words, but forming a gramatically correct sentence is a challenge for me still. - Seitheach, OCT 23, 2009
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