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"irala! como eres goloza"


Can someone translate what this phrase says "irala! como eres goloza" ?

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irala is bad Spanish, it intends to make fun of how uneducated country people talk (think ain’t) , it really means to say mirala "look at her", however it could be used in conversation meaning "look at you" golosa means to be greedy not always sweet toothed related, could be food, drink, money, ets…. Golosa it is also used in sexual connotation meaning insatiable.

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Holy thread revival, Batman. :) - DualG, ENE 29, 2014

I think it is a simple misspelling:

¡Mírala! Cómo eres de golosa.

Look at you! How can you be so sweet toothed!

Free translation.

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future tense of ir with a d.o. pronoun (you/it) (I could guess several meaning, but will await a native who may recognize the meaning). (most likely a conjecture)

como eres= as your are a...

golosa [go-lo’-so, sah]

adjective 1. Applied to a person very fond of dainties, nicotine, or sweetmeats; sweet tooth, lickerish. (m & f)

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