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Could anyone proofread a quiz I wrote?


I was wondering if anyone could proof read this quiz I wrote for my Spanish II class. I just want to make sure I'm not turning in an error-ridden quiz, as someone in this class is going to have to actually take it.


I'm most concerned with the verbs. Especially that one preterit form of escribir. We haven't even learned preterits yet, so I'm a bit nervous regarding that one.

Just point out any errors you happen to find.

Thanks in advanced.

updated OCT 21, 2009
posted by Nick-Koontz

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First off, very professional!

Secondly, here are few things I ran into:

"1. ¿Cuánto cantantes pueden cantar en la Sagrada Familia?" My question here is are you asking how many people do sing in this group, or rather how many people can sing in this group, just so I am clear on that.

"2. ¿Qué es el primero novela moderna?" I believe it would be "¿Cuál es la primera novela moderna" but correct me if I am wrong.

"Sección C: emparejar (matching) Direccion: empareja los numeros con sus letra correspondiente (corresponding letter)." My problem here is that I don't think using emparejar is a good choice, I think there is probably a better way to say this.

Thirdly, Ecribir is used wonderfully.

Fourth, wonderful job! smile

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You actually did a good job. There are just a few things to be corrected like the agreement between number & subject, & the accents on some words. The preterit form of escribir by the way is correct (escribió).

¿Cuántos cantantes pueden cantar en la Sagrada Familia?, Dirección ...sus letras correspondientes

& I'm not sure either about the use of "Qué" in "¿Qué es el libro más traducido?" & "¿Qué es el primero novela moderna?" I would prefer "Cuál".

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I agree it should be Cuál. - LAtINaPunKROcKerAConFundidA, OCT 21, 2009
Yup. & I added something to it, for I wasn't able to ask him to put an s after "Cuánto" - Deanski, OCT 21, 2009

@LatinaPunkRo: Yes, it's supposed to be how many can sing there. Also, about emparejar, do you know of a more proper alternative?

@both of you: thanks for the tip about cuál. For some reason, I think I should have known that. LOL

I'll fix the agreements and the like. After that, I think it'd be proper enough to hand in. Thanks smile

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Ok, I just wanted to make sure that sentence was correct, since you could have mean't something else, that's all. - LAtINaPunKROcKerAConFundidA, OCT 21, 2009

Las Ramblas es una calle popular de México con muchas atracciones

España produce un 44% del aceite (oil) de oliva del mundo.

contesta las preguntas con una respuesta corta.

¿Cuántos cantantes pueden cantar en la Sagrada Familia?

¿Cuál es la primer novela moderna?

¿Cuál es el libro más traducido?

empareja los números con su letra correspondiente

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