What is the difference between perfecto and perfecta?

What is the difference between perfecto and perfecta?


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Well, this is where Spanish can be a little difficult for a few English speakers. Adjectives in Spanish have to 'agree' with the nouns, whether it is a masculine or feminine noun or if it is singular or plural. The best way to learn this is with some examples raspberry

Let's take the phrase - 'The perfect woman', 'woman' is a feminine noun in Spanish

Singular: 'The perfect woman' - La mujer perfecta

Plural: 'The perfect women' - Las mujeres perfectas

As you can see, not only did the noun itself change but 'la' (the) and 'perfecta' changed as well. This happens whenever a noun is changed from singular to plural.

So if an adjective in its 'base' form ends with an 'o', there are 4 forms

Perfecto - used with singular, masculine nouns

Perfecta - used with singular, feminine nouns

Perfectos - used with plural, masculine nouns

Perfectas - used with plural, femininemasculine nouns

Hopefully this has helped you understand it a bit more

Here are a few more examples...

  • La casa perfecta - The perfect house
  • Las casas perfectas - The perfect houses

  • El perro malo - The bad dog

  • Los perros malos - The bad dogs

  • El hombre grande - The big man

  • Los hombres grandes - The big men

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It depends if the noun is femenine or masculine. "He's perfect" - "Él es perfecto". "She's perfect" - "Ella es perfecta"

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