What is the best way to say 'themselves'?


If I wanted to say 'those who aren't able to help themselves', do I say 'no pueden ayudarse a ellos mismos' or 'no pueden ayudarse a si mismos'?

updated OCT 21, 2009
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"Aquéllos que no son capaces de ayudarse a sí mismos..."

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aquƩllos (if you care to use tildes)
I'm glad to see that neither of us liked "pueden"
You'r right qfreed. It's a "pronombre demostrativo". Thks for your comment.

You're not writing in Spanish what you wrote in English.

You're saying "They can't help themselves."

"ellos que no puedan/en ayadarse [a sí mismos]."

The a sí mismos is just a clarifier or intensifier as the purpose of the se is the reflexive pronoun themselves.

I'm curious about the beginning part of the sentence. Is it "a ellos"? Why isn't ésos used?

"a ellos que no tengan la capaz de ayudarse [a sí mismos]

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tengan la capacidad / sean capaces