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How do you say, "I might..." do something?


How do you deal with a possible future such as, "I might be able to come tomorrow night"?

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posted by bobgrossman

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Hi Bob,

I think that Marianne is on the right track with her answer (and Deanski, too). I will just make one quick addendum to what has already been said.

When you use quizás to mean "perhaps," you have the choice to use either the subjunctive or the indicative (as Marianne has provided you).

It comes down to degree of certainty:

1). Quizás podré venir... - Perhaps I will be able to come [it is likely]

2). Quizás pueda venir... - Perhaps I can come [it is much less certain]

1). Quizás volveré mañana - Perhaps I will come tomorrow [Likely that I will]

2). Quizás vuelva mañana - Perhaps I will come tomorrow [Much less certain]

Besides "Quizás" you could also use "tal vez"

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Siempre me he preguntado la razón por la que veo el subjuntivo a veces y a veces no. Gracias!! - 003487d6, OCT 19, 2009

Hi Bob. Welcome to the forum. grin

I'd say "Quizás puedo venir mañana por la noche."

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posted by --Mariana--
I think "ven" would be more proper. But yea, wha she said, WeLcOmE tO tHe SpanishD¡ct! - DJ_Huero, OCT 19, 2009
I disagree...see my comment below. - --Mariana--, OCT 19, 2009

The above suggestions are good, except that they have to use the subjuntivo, entonces Quizás pueda venir...

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Good point about the subjunctive, but it is also possible to compose a sentence using the indicative...It depends on the degree of certainty in the statement - Izanoni1, OCT 19, 2009
Tienes razón. - Deanski, ABR 14, 2011

podría ser capaz de llegar mañana por la noche

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posted by matis11

Quizas puedo ven mañana por la noche. -Maybe I can come tomorrow night.

I'm thinking that's how you could phrase it. Anyone feel free to correct or offer other suggestions. grin

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posted by DJ_Huero
I believe that this is Incorrect -- You can't have two conjugated verbs together. - --Mariana--, OCT 19, 2009
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