meaning of Encima ..... in this context

meaning of Encima ..... in this context


In an episode of "Two and a half men" (with Spanish dialogue and subtitles):

Charlie, the uncle, had grounded his nephew, Jake, the night before, deservedly, for some wrong-doing, which had caused Charlie to lose his beautiful new pick-up, whom he had just met a few hours before.

The next morning Charlie sits at the kitchen table drinking coffee, thinking what might have been, as Jake walks into the kitchen. He walks past his uncle without saying a word, not "good morning", not anything.
So Charlie says to Jake - "Encima no me hablas."

I am only guessing, could "Encima no me hablas" in this context mean - "to add insult to injury, you're not talking to me " ?

or any other translation?

updated OCT 19, 2009
posted by peterpierre2
Great job peter - Izanoni1, OCT 19, 2009

2 Answers


I'd say you've got the idea with what you said.

I'd say it more literally like ....."On top of everything you're not speaking to me."

updated OCT 19, 2009
posted by --Mariana--

Good one, peter, that is it:

what tops it, what is so unfair ....

updated OCT 19, 2009
posted by 00494d19
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