hoe do you say "no yelling?"

hoe do you say "no yelling?"


I'm trying to make a grade school lunchroom sign. Here's what I would write, not knowing if it's correct:

  1. No Corrido
  2. No Gritando
  3. No Compartando las comidas
updated OCT 24, 2009
posted by joekingaround

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Se prohibe gritar.

Se prohibe correr.

Se prohibe compartir la comida. (?? Is this to prevent students getting discounted lunches from "scalping" food.)

Spanish does not use the present participle (gerundio) as a noun. It uses the verb infinitive.

No correr. (no running)

No corras. (Don't run -tú) No corred (Don't run -vosotros)

No corra, corran (Don't run usted/ustedes)

updated OCT 24, 2009
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posted by 0074b507
Thanks! The no sharing is so when food is brought back home, parents know their kid doesn't eat it, and for health reasons. It's definitely not my rule (none are) and I do prefer to look the other way. Thanks again for the help! - joekingaround, OCT 24, 2009
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