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How do you pronounce Sandwich?


How do you pronounce Sandwich in Spanish? When I ask people I get diverse answers, some say it with the English pronunciation (or something close to it I guess) but if the word "sándwich" is already in the RAE shouldn't it have an Spanish pronunciation like the word "iceberg" does? If not then how do YOU say it (in Spanish of course)? smile

updated OCT 18, 2009
posted by InésDelRío
Its pronunciation in English isn't exactly universal. Those who speak properly say 'sandwich' exactly as written; the other 95% say SAMWIJ :-) - Jespa, OCT 18, 2009

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Try this link:

Sandwich Pronounced

After you click on the link, give the program a few seconds to prepare itself and speak the word "Sandwich".

updated OCT 18, 2009
posted by Moe
Good link....That's how we pronounce it in Texas. - gloriadean, OCT 18, 2009

wellllll you could say bocadillo, that was the common word in spain, but from my experience it would be pronounced like:

Sand - Wich

San (like sand without the D) and Wish/Wich ( feel like it comes out to a combination of wish and wich, its really soft though)


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posted by XurriDeGranada

It's like this: "Sand- Wee - chey"

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posted by jeezzle
It's frustrating that I can't type even a few letter in caps without this forum disallowing it. The Wee part is in all caps. - jeezzle, OCT 18, 2009
use bold - Goyo, OCT 18, 2009

Jeeez, is the last part chey, like in chain? This would be weird in Spanish.

The word in Spain is pronounced:

San (like in "sun") wich (like in which or in with a v as the first letter)

Nobody says: San, like in sandwich.

Iceberg is normally pronounced as it is spelled (for us): /itheverk/ th like in thanks

Normally people do not say : ice, like in English.

updated OCT 18, 2009
posted by 00494d19
it's chey like in prey, like in comprE. This is how the cooks pronounce it at my restaurant. - jeezzle, OCT 18, 2009
I pronounce prey, like /prei/ with an i at the end, and compre is only with an ee at the end.,,like in bed (the e a little longer) - 00494d19, OCT 18, 2009
I've never heard prey pronounced like that. I am an English major that lives in Texas. To me they are both pronounced like the Canadian "eh?". like in day. - jeezzle, OCT 18, 2009


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posted by guardado
jejej, claro!!!! - 00494d19, OCT 18, 2009
pero es eMparedado - 00494d19, OCT 18, 2009
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