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When to use Alguno and Unos


When is it you use "alguno" and unos/unas? As far as I can tell, they both mean "some", and I don't know when to use which. Thanks!

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posted by Codyyoung37

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Hi Codyyoung37,

When is it you use "alguno" and unos/unas? As far as I can tell, they both mean "some", and I don't know when to use which. Thanks!

This is a good question, and I will try to answer it as best I can by pointing out when it might be appropriate to use them, so that you can decide for yourself.


1). In the singular, usually means some or any

¿Has visto alguna mejora en sus relaciones? - Have you seen some/any improvement in their relationship?

Algún día iré a los estados unidos - Some day I will go to the United States

2). Can be used as a pronoun

Algunos de mis amigos son médicos - Some of my friends are doctors.

¿Conoces a alguna de las niñas? - Do you know some/any of the girls?

3). In the plural, algunos/as usually means the same thing as unos/unas.

Han ido a tomar unas/algunas refrescas al bar de la esquina - They've gone to have some/a few drinks at the local bar

Aquí tengo unos/algunos juegos electrónicos. - I have some/a few video games here.


1). Often the plural form of the indefinite article can best be translated as "a few" or "approximately." (see above)

2). Other times unos/unas may not be translated at all.

Ellos son unos chicos muy inteligente - They're (some) very intelligent boys.

Ellas son unas mujeres hermosas - They're (some) beautiful women.

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Awesome, I really appreciate the answer, it helps a ton. Thank you! - Codyyoung37, Oct 18, 2009
Great explanation! Thanks! - Alicia-53, Oct 18, 2009
Your welcome....Glad that I could help - Izanoni1, Oct 18, 2009

I'm glad to see some good questions get banged around in here. For me I use unos/unas when I am talking to the busboy about some tables needing cleaning. Favor de limpiar unas mesas. On the other hand, I will alguno when talking about something more abstract. Some people want to be drunks. Algunas personas quieren ser borrachos. I'm not a native though but I do rock so go ahead and vote me up for some points, you know you want to.

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Should that be 'estar borracho' ? - Jespa, Oct 18, 2009
depends on if you're like me or not ;) - jeezzle, Oct 18, 2009

Awesome, that helps a ton. I'd love to vote for you, but I don't have the "reputation" to do so. Maybe someone else will see and cast a vote. Thanks!

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posted by Codyyoung37

In both examples alguno was used as a reference to some "people". Is that just coincidence or is there something more to that?

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posted by Codyyoung37

Algunos can be more vague, OR it can be more specific. For example, if you are in class and your teacher says "Almost everyone got a B and a few people got Cs", that would be "Casi todos sacaron una B y algunos sacaron una C"

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