translation of "by any means"


As in the sentence : It's not luxurious by any means.

1 machine translation put it as "de ninguna manera"

  • No es lujoso de ninguna manera

another translation suggested "para nada"

  • No es lujoso para nada

Does anyone agree or disagree that the two are the same?

updated OCT 16, 2009
posted by peterpierre2

1 Answer


I think that they are not synonymous.

And I think de ninguna manera would be "by no means" which doesn't mean the same as by any means in all contexts. (here, there isn't much difference)

We tried to accomplish it by any means possible. (we tried all possibly methods, some or all may have been succesful).

We could by no means accomplish it. (There existed no means to accomplish it.)

Likewise para nada and por ninguna manera can be synonymous or not depending on the context. (here they appear similar).

updated OCT 16, 2009
posted by 0074b507