translating this(not literally but poetically)

translating this(not literally but poetically)


Todo pasa y todo queda Pero lo nuestro es pasar Pasar haciendo camino Camino sobre la mar Nunca perseguí la gloria Y dejar en la memoria De los hombres mi canción

Yo amo los mundos sutiles Ingrávidos y gentiles Como pompas de jabón

Me gusta verlos pintarse De azul y grana al volar Bajo el cielo azul temblar Súbitamente y quebrarse Nunca perseguí la gloria

I got this but it does not make much sense Everything happens and everything is But ours is to spend Pass by road Road on the sea Never chased glory And be one to remember Of the men my song

I love the subtle worlds Weightless and Gentiles Like soap bubbles

I like to see painted In blue and scarlet flying Under the blue sky tremble Suddenly and broken Never chased glory _____________________________________-- Plz translate this poetically? grin

updated OCT 28, 2009
posted by shademan64

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Is this part of a song by Joan Manuel Serrat?Is this from the CD "Dedicado a Antonio Machado"?I love Serrat's music! Here's a take on a translation: "Everything goes by and everything remains [everything changes but everything remains the same], but it it is our lot in life to keep going. To keep going, to forge walks in life, paths over the sea. I never sought out fame or to leave my song in the memories of men. I love the subtle things in life, things that defy gravity and are special [charming, unique], like bubbles...I like to watch them take on tones of blue and scarlet as they fly against the blue sky. then gently quiver and break...I never sought out fame or glory..."Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar"...Traveler,there is no path, you make your path as you go, and as you turn your eyes back, you see the path that you will never walk on again... [I apologize if my translation disappoints you, but I love Serrat!!! I became marginally addicted to his music when I lived in Madrid in the 70's, and I am pleased that he is still around.]

updated OCT 28, 2009
posted by mountaingirl123
ty for the translation its very good. i'm glad you enjoy him too - shademan64, OCT 18, 2009
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