Here I am!

Here I am!


i figured it out, now I'm not just exclamation marks. This is a (distorted and blurry) photo my son Sam took of me in Oaxaca. I'm sitting on a step eating a cup of pomegranate seeds I just bought from a street vender.

updated OCT 14, 2009
posted by kittybrougham

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HI Kitty, welcome to the forum, now that we know what you look like I am giving you a special welcomesmile

Everybody knows what I look like ....and I forgot to change my photo, so I am doing it right nowgrin

updated OCT 14, 2009
posted by 00494d19
Is this really you? Or is this model famous enough that you can find multiple photos of her! - kittybrougham, OCT 14, 2009
I'm waiting for a picture of you and the new baby girl!!! - Nicole-B, OCT 14, 2009

So that we may all benefit from your experience, what was the problem posting your avatar: too large a file? wrong file type? connection too slow so it was dropped? something else?

updated OCT 14, 2009
posted by 0074b507
Yes, it was too big. Although, you don't get a message saying so, it just doesn't do anything at all. When I made it small it was effortless. - kittybrougham, OCT 14, 2009
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