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child benefits in Andalucia (Spain)


A personal request of sorts. I have a wonderful friend who is a Moroccan passport holder but a Spanish resident. She is separated from her husband (Spanish) and has a child from a previous relationship with a Moroccan man.

She is now raising a 4 yr old child on her own, without a reliable income. There are very few jobs in the area in which she lives.

Can anyone tell me, if there are any Child Benefit schemes for single mothers or indeed any form of Unemployment Benefit? I don't think she has ever payed Social Security, in the time that she has been in Spain (approx. 5 years).

Is there any form of financial support available under Spanish provision?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is a great community and I know my question is in safe hands.

updated OCT 14, 2009
posted by Steve-Walls

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HI Steve, no, no child benefit I know of. Even for illegal immigrants unlike in other countries Spain supplies free health care, so that should be covered.

Why not ask charlius, he is living in the area and might be able to help out...he might be able to ask aroundwink

Charlie and his blogsmile

updated OCT 14, 2009
posted by 00494d19
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