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barbaridad ?


In the cartoon, why did the writer leave out the "d" in barbaridad ?

Man - No sólo se traficaba con armas, drogas y mercancía robada; es que, en el fondo, la policía descubrió una frutería .....

Woman - ¡ Qué barbaridá !


alt text

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It's simply a way of indicating (in print) what is fairly common in some regions / for some people of "relaxed pronunciation. It's similar to writing "I'm goin' to the store." (instead of "going")..

P.S. Note the addition of the accent over the final "a" (to preserve the normally accented syllable).

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In England we can even say "I'm goin t' store" - ian-hill, OCT 11, 2009

¡Qué barbaridad! - that's ridiculous.

I think that you are probably correct that barbarida is probably a typo. I looked it up in the RAE and it did not list barbarida as a word.

Now that you have posted the link, I would have to agree with Samdie on this one.

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