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Conjugating Spanish Commands


My teacher wants the class to write the correct form of commands.

(servirles) _________________ la cena!

...Shouldn't my answer be Les sirven la cena?

updated OCT 11, 2009
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Shouldn't my answer be... Les sirven la cena?

With affirmative commands the object pronoun is appended to the verb.

with negative commands the object pronoun precedes the verb.

You do not mention the subject of the sentence: tú, vosotros, usted, or ustedes.

Formal: Usted

Sírvales (a ellos) la cena.

No les sirva (a ellos) la cena.

Informal: Tú

Sírveles (a ellos) la cena.

No les sirvas (a ellos) la cena.

formal: Ustedes

Sírvanles (a ellos ) la cena.

No les sirvan (a ellos) la cena.

Informal: Vosotros

Sérvidles (a ellos) la cena.

No les sirváis (a ellos) la cena.

updated OCT 11, 2009
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