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what is "Se nota que ~" in english?


i got a message from my mexican girlfriend recently , i have a little bad relationship with her she sent me a message describing "se nota que no me quieres ni tantito" but i cant understand . could you give me a example ? gracias

updated JUN 1, 2012
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Se nota is also used as the equivalent of 'I can tell' wink

and ni tantito means 'not even a little bit'

enter image description here

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One notes (impersonal) or more probably something like "It is obvious to everyone", that you don't love/want me even a little bit.

You're in the doghouse, sir. [sleeping on the couch, depending on your circumstances].

Flowers, candy, (jewelry if she means enough to you) and lots of "I don't deserve to live for the way that I have treated you".

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