A question concerning the 'speak' section in the lessons.


Hello As I have been going through the the lessons, and doing the 'speak' section in all of them, it seems to me that these parts of the lessons are useless. I understand that it helps to say the Spanish words and such, but, there is no way to tell you if you have pronounced the words correctly or said everything in the right order etc. At least, not from what I have seen. Is there a way that you can do this that I haven't found yet?

Thank you for your help.

updated OCT 14, 2009
posted by hlsbookworm

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I love the SpanishDict.com website, but I've found the speaking section not as strong as the other resources. I just found this other website to help with pronunciation that you might want to check out to improve your speaking skills. I've found it a helpful tool. (I don't like that the rest of that website's resources anywhere even close to as much as I like SpanishDict.com.) Here's the site: http://www.studyspanish.com/pronunciation/alphabet.htm

updated OCT 14, 2009
posted by DeniseDW

It´s completely what you make of it. It looks like you are well into your lessons so you have some experience with what you´re doing and saying. They usually give you an example if you want to check your word order. You could look look up each word indivitually in the dictionary and listen to the audio or each.

Fortunately, the spanish language is very phonetic and doesn´t have as many variations of sounds or silent letters that the english language does.

I hope this helps some.

updated OCT 9, 2009
posted by quépasa