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Would a Puerto Rican slang dictionary be appreciated? -Everyone's Opinion Needed


I have compiled from a few sites, and my own knowledge, MANY translations/definitions of Puerto Rican vocabulary since it's so strongly compiled of slang. A few of the words would be for mature audiences due to the fact they're common words in Reggaeton that I know people ask about. Anyways, I figured I would ask the community before sharing this gold mine of vocabulary and clarity. Gritan pa' tra! grin

updated OCT 26, 2009
posted by DJ_Huero
Que la que! - ChamacoMalo, OCT 8, 2009
What? lol - DJ_Huero, OCT 26, 2009

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Ya existe una! wink La unica cosa es que las estudiantes no saben donde esta. Yo no voy a decirles como encontrarla porque no es necessario en esta punta de sus estudios. Bueno, amo yo palabras de la calle tal como cualquiera, pero hay un tiempo por todas cosas, y el tiempo no es ahora. wink

updated OCT 8, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo
buen punto chamaco...jaja, by the way, many call me chamaco chevere, I always thought it was spelled "chumaco". - DJ_Huero, OCT 8, 2009
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