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I would like to tell this guy that he really means alot to me and i care very much about him. He doesn't know much english so I am trying to get him to understand how i feel about him. About a month ago I posted this and someone suggested that I could say "te cuido mucho" for I care alot for you. I say this but I don't think he understands but I really don't know. He is from Guatemala.

Do you think they (Guatamalans) have another way of saying I care about you alot?

Edited to emphasize that there is a question here asking for a way different from "Te cuido mucho" to say "I care a lot for you".

updated OCT 8, 2009
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posted by rebeccasmith5

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The usual meaning of "cuidar" is to take care of / lookout for someone's/something's wellbeing cf. daycare, caretaker, etc. If you check the dictionary here you will not find anything close to the other meanings (in English) (to consider important / to have affectionate feelings for).

To me, it sounds like a back translation from English.

Starting from the English "I really care for you." I'd say "Te quiero mucho." or "Te tengo mucho cariño."

updated OCT 7, 2009
posted by samdie

'Ten cuidado' 'Cuidate'

updated OCT 8, 2009
posted by ian-hill
That's how you tell someone to "Be Careful" or "Take Care". It's not how you tell someone you care about them. - Stobber, OCT 8, 2009

That's exactly what it means. Te cuido mucho means exactly what you want to say. wink

updated OCT 7, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo
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