Sugerencia Y Suregencia

Sugerencia Y Suregencia


When I do a "Google" search for these Spanish words,

"Sugerencia" yields thousands of hits, and

"Suregencia" yields many less, only hundreds of hits.

Can anyone confirm whether or not the word "Suregencia" is valid or, where it is used in published articles, is it just a typographical error.

Does "suregencia" mean (in English) "feedback", and

Does Sugerencia" (in English) mean (among other things) "suggestion".

Are you able to identify any reliable authority for your replie(s)?

updated OCT 22, 2009
posted by Moe
"Suregencia" yields many less, only hundreds of hits.- But all of them are clearly a typo. - Vernic, OCT 22, 2009
* I do not ever heard the word "suregencia". is my only reliable authority to establish this idea. - Vernic, OCT 22, 2009

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According to RAE:


  1. f. Insinuación, inspiración, idea que se sugiere.

Suregenciait doesn't appear in dictionary and it's probably a typo...

However "Surgencia (upwelling)" is an oceanographic phenomenon...(source:Wikipedia).

updated OCT 6, 2009
posted by Carlos-F
Gracias, Carlos. Ya sabĂ­a todo eso. - Moe, OCT 6, 2009

"Suregencia" does not exist. "Sugerencia" is correct, means "suggestion".

updated ENE 2, 2012
posted by ismarodri_uy

Suregencia is not in the Real Acadamia Española dictionary, so it is probably not a word.

Sugerencia means suggestion according to the dictionaries here and at WordReference.com

There was also this example:

I really need someone to give me some feedback on my work = necesito que alguien me haga algunas observaciones sobre mi trabajo

updated OCT 6, 2009
edited by lorenzo9
posted by lorenzo9
Thanks, Lorenzo. I knew it was not in RAE. But, remember, in English, "feedback" and "observation" are separate words but have the same meaning. Is Spanish as alive as English? Could a new word work its way into either language? - Moe, OCT 6, 2009

recommendation, advice, proposal.

sugerir. (look for the infinitive form)

(Del lat. sugger?re).

  1. tr. Proponer o aconsejar algo. Le sugerí que no trabajara tanto.

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updated OCT 22, 2009
posted by Vernic
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