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I supposed you are looking for aterrorizada

Terrorize = aterrorizar

Una aterrorizada (n) means a scare, to give someone a scare.

It can also be an adjective: Ella está aterrorizada.

Need more text to figure out what they are talking about.

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What are you saying? - jessh, OCT 5, 2009
That's what I want to know. - 00b83c38, OCT 5, 2009

Actually, I've just realized that the word "aterrizada" might be some very unsual derivative of the verb aterrizar, though I failed to find it in any dictionary.

aterrizar = to land a plane

Of course, we don't go around saying: "La aterrizada del avión...

Mas bien decimos:

“El aterrizaje del avión fue muy suave” --- The plane landing was very smooth.

“Esperamos que el avión aterrice a tiempo” --- We expect the plane to land on time.

updated OCT 5, 2009
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