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How would you translate "investment banking firms" in spanish?


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updated OCT 5, 2009
posted by Liset_Valle

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Here is what Wikipedia says'

In English:

Investment Bank

En español:

Banca de Inversión

Think about saying:

"Las firmas de banca de inversión", o

"Las firmas de bancas de negocios".

A caution. Wikipedia indicates "Banca" a feminine word. My dictionary indicates "banco" a masculine word. I'm betting on "El banco" in preference to "La banca".

Don't go to print with this until a member whose mother tongue is Spanish comments on this reply.

Is anyone able to confirm or alter this suggestion??

updated OCT 5, 2009
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posted by Moe

Firmas de inversión bancaria.

updated OCT 4, 2009
posted by 00b83c38
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