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How do you say Sansamara in spanish?


will it be the same thing

updated OCT 2, 2009
posted by lilbitty2011
I cannot find a clear definition except for what I've given already. - 00b83c38, OCT 2, 2009
lilbitty2011 - Explain or define Sansamara in English. Give it some meaning. Use it in a full sentence. - Moe, OCT 2, 2009

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Samsara is the whirlpool of life and death. The reincarnation cycle as the Hindus call it.

Sans amara--- I dunno what it means but this is a spelling given.

Found something--- Sans---same as. Amara---amar (to love)

Anther spelling is Sanz amara.

updated OCT 2, 2009
edited by 00b83c38
posted by 00b83c38
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