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Esta, este y esto?


I would like to know when to use "este" and when "esto". "Esta" I presume you use before a feminine word, like la silla (the chair) --> esta silla (this chair)

But when do I use "este" and when "esto"?

I am sure they discuss this issue in some lesson, so the number of the lesson is enough or a link to an earlier topic about this subject. But if someone has the time to explain this to me, I would highly appriciate it. Thanks.

updated NOV 13, 2013
posted by BQL1
Try the followhttp://www.dur.ac.uk/m.p.thompson/ser-estar.htming link: - jrey492003, OCT 1, 2009

2 Answers

updated NOV 13, 2013
posted by lorenzo9

La silla. Esta silla. This chair. The esta has to agree in gender. Esa silla. That chair. That chair that is not close to me. La silla alla. The chair farther away than esa. The chair ahi. The really far one. That's really all there is to it. It's not complicated. It's this, that, that over there, and that way over there. The gender has to agree. wink

updated OCT 2, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo
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