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Sí, La Misma Luna fue increíble.


Yo vi la película.. and even though I´m no where near fluent, I could understand quite a bit of what was going on. Wow, was that ever moving!

The director conveyed the characters´ thoughts and feelings so well. It also showed excellent perspectives that I had not considered before. Challenging and Inspiring. grin grin grin

updated OCT 8, 2009
posted by quépasa
They need to make a sequel. - Seitheach, OCT 1, 2009

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It is so exciting when you are able to finally understand Spanish T.V. or movies for the first time. In the very beginning, I was thrilled just to hear a word here and there that I understood. But my breakthrough came on a return flight to New York City. I was dreading the flight, but to my amazement, I became engrossed in a movie that was completely spoken in Spanish. I didn't understand everything, but I comprehended enough to be surprised to hear the pilot announce we were making our final approach into JFK.

It is nice to celebrate the different accomplishments on our way to becoming fluent. Could you please tell me where you found the movie and a little bit about the plot? I would love to see it, if it moved you so much.



updated OCT 8, 2009
posted by Nicole-B
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