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I'm trying to translate a few english recipes into spanish and have come across a few stumbling blocks. How do I say: cookie-sheet, cookie cutter, sifted ingredients, plastic wrap, and pan (for some reason when I looked it up in the dictionary, I didn't get a solid answer, I used "cazuela"). Also, when you have to cream something together, do you simply use batir? Any other useful cookie terms that anyone knows would be fantastic.

I can definitely go around these words and use others, but where's the fun in that?

updated MAR 5, 2014
posted by Cachai

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Here are some other cooking terms:

  • amazar = to knead
  • cortar = to cut
  • picar = to chop
  • hornear = to bake
  • adobar = to season
  • rallar = to shred
  • pelar = to peel
  • revolver = to stir
  • freir = to fry
  • sofreir = to sautee
  • hervir = to boil
  • asar = to grill
  • rociar = to sprinkle
  • medir = to measure
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posted by --Mariana--
I feel like a little girl at Christmas! hahaha, thank you! - Cachai, SEP 30, 2009
Oh, my gosh, check this out, I was looking for "to bake" and "looky here" at all these treasures!! - bandit51jd, AGO 27, 2010

Hi Cachai, Marianne and Lorenzo

It looks like Marianne and Lorenzo have already come up with a lot of useful words for you. Here are a few more (I apologize in advance for any unintended redundancy):

A fuego lento - low heat, slowly

Calentar - to heat

Cocinar - to cook

Rehogar (Spain)/dorar - to brown

Salpimentar - to season

Ponga en la sartén/el horno/etc.. Place into the pan/oven/etc

No dejar que se lo pegue - Don't let it stick

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Fabulous! - --Mariana--, SEP 30, 2009
OOoooOOo thank you thank you! I like no dejar que se lo pegue y rehogar. Muy util! - Cachai, SEP 30, 2009
No hay de que. I am glad that they were helpful to you. - Izanoni1, SEP 30, 2009

I had the same problem when I tried to translate some of the baking terms into Spanish.

I found out that a pan, such as one to bake a cake/brownies in, is called a "molde."

To say "sift the ingredients" you'd say "tamiza los ingredientes."

when you have to cream something together, do you simply use batir?

Yes, use the verb "batir" to say beat, whisk, and whip. It's also used for what goes on in the blender.

Use the verb "mezclar" for mixing ingredients.

Use "añadir" for adding things to the mix.

"Picar" is to chop.

"Aplanar" is to roll out...as in cookie dough.

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posted by --Mariana--
Niiiiiiice! That's very helpful. I used "hacer roda" for roll. . . but I'm thinking that's more like to roll a ball? - Cachai, SEP 30, 2009
How about "hacer bolas" for roll into a ball? - --Mariana--, SEP 30, 2009
I heard one of my companeros say bolas for tennis balls the other day. . . sounds about right for this case too. - Cachai, SEP 30, 2009

Funny, but the only verbs that I remember concerning cooking is quemar y arruinar (echar a perder). I wonder why that is?

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A tray for cooking in the oven is "bandeja de horno", but that might include muffin tins as well as cookie sheets.

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posted by lorenzo9

You guys are fabulous. Qfreed, hopefully we can broaden than vocab of yours. wink So I have two words for season, adobar and salpimentar. Is salpimentar only for salt and pepper and adobar is for everything else?

updated MAR 5, 2014
posted by Cachai
Yes I believe that is correct - Izanoni1, SEP 30, 2009
I love this site! I never would have found that out in a dictionary - GabriellaMonique, MAR 5, 2014

If you have time, go through lesson 2.12. It has a lot about cooking in it. Pretty good lesson.

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