how can you make a good essay?

how can you make a good essay?


need answer

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posted by pinarderio
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Do you need to write an essay in English or in Spanish? What class is this for?

Standard format for essays in english are

Paragraph of Introduction to Topic (why you chose your topic)

Body of Essay (consists of 3 paragraphs)

a. Reason or explaination 1.

b. Reason or explaination 2.

c. Reason or explaination 3. (this should be the most important reason or

Paragraph of Conclusion (a brief recap)

If you need any further assistance, please ask more specific questions.


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A good essay, no matter what language it's written in, needs to be entertaining, primarily. That's the first thing. Ever notice how Rolling Stone has more readers than National Geographic? There's a reason for that. National Geographic is boring to 80% of the population. So you start by being entertaining. Then if you want to be informative, you kinda slide that part in with a little humor, maybe some odd point of view, that will appeal to your readers. Entertaining, Provative, Informative. Not the other way around. Do it that way, the words will come to you, and you'll at least get a "B". wink

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It all depends on what you are writing. First, pick a topic.

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