Are soy and estoy the same thing?

Are soy and estoy the same thing?


From the first lessons I know that "estoy bien" is an answer for "como esta?" But can you also say "Soy bien?" And would it make sense to use "estoy" to describe yourself (estoy artisico?) They are from the first 2 lessons, and I just want to know if soy and estoy are interchangeable.

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Ser vs Estar

When you need to go further in our lessons and Reference Articles to understand the differences between ser and estar:

1st - See lesson 1.11 found here

Lesson 1.11

2nd - See Paralee's Reference Material Entry found here:

Paralee's Reference Posting and then,

3rd - See a different view of all the same stuff at Lazarus1907's Reference Material entry found here

Lazarus Reference material

4th - See the practice and sample sentences created in a thread begun by Heidita and found here:

Practice sentences

I hope this will be a big help to you and I wish you well in studying and learning this topic.



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