Spanish homework correction..answers on the bottom

Spanish homework correction..answers on the bottom


Change these present tense statements to the present perfect, changing all direct and indirect object nouns to pronouns.

ejemplo: Sandra habla a Juan. respuesta: Sandra le ha hablado.

•Tú lees el periódico.

•Nosotros vamos al médico. _________________________________.

•Uds. preparan la sopa para ellos. __________________________________.

•Ud. y Victor nos dan las cartas. _______________________________.

•Yo descubro el Nuevo Mundo. _______________________________.


1). Tú lo has leído. 2). Nosotros hemos ido al médico. 3). Ustedes la han preparado para ellos. or Ustedes se la han preparado. 4). Usted y Victor nos las han dado. 5). Yo lo he descubierto.


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Like Q said: Se la han preparado. Looks good! - --Mariana--, SEP 29, 2009
good job, ruba, you get myy vote for that - 00494d19, OCT 7, 2009

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Tú lo has leído.

Se la han preparado

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¡Hola!, Ruba82892:


If there was a

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I remember that you were reminded, in your first two entries, that you had to show what you thought were the answers to your own questions and after that others here would help you by suggesting any necessary changes.

You responded so very well to those suggestions that I came to admire you right then and there. Many members don't behave as positively as you did.


Congratulations!! ¡Felicidades!




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the verb is in the present tense and you must write the same form in the preterite form. first write the infinitive form of the verb in the present tense.

  1. comparte
  2. comprende
  3. leen
  4. abres
  5. se levanta
  6. salgo
  7. escribes
  8. conocemos
  9. viven
  10. subes
  11. vuelvo
  12. asisten
  13. duermes
  14. entiendo
  15. beben
  16. pierde
  17. pido
  18. sirves
  19. reciben
  20. corremos
  21. List item
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