Having a baby soon and need to know how to say basic things in spanish.

Having a baby soon and need to know how to say basic things in spanish.


So, im having a son in a couple of weeks and i want to be able to speak to his dad about changing his diaper and whatnot. anyways, to say can you change his diaper, i would say ¿Puedes cambiar su pañale porfavor?

but i dont think thats right or just that theres a better way to say it so heres a list of things i want be able to say.If you could help me that would be great. Thank you.

1.Can you change his diaper please?=

2.Can you make him a bottle please?=

3.Can you put him to bed please?=

4.Can you give him a bath please?=¿ le puedes bañar porfavor?idk if thats right?

5.Put him in his bounder chair=



2.Recieving Blanket=


4.Car Seat=


6.Bouncer Chair=

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posted by Tayler-Dawson
I am told cochecito (little car) is a baby stroller. Baby bottle is catha but I have no reference to back that up. I would say botella de bebe (baby bottle) and it would be understood even if there is a better single word (una palabra sola) - recyclerdave, SEP 28, 2009

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posted by Seitheach
uhmm i dont think my teacher would tell me to go have a baby for homework so, no it isn't homework just personal help. - Tayler-Dawson, SEP 28, 2009
She's got you there, phil. jejeje - Goyo, SEP 28, 2009

Hi Taylor,

Welcome to our forum. hopefully both of you can come and learn together.

I will do my best with your sentences.

  1. ¿Puedes cambiar el pañal, por favor? (can you please change the diaper?)
  2. ¿Puedes preparar un biberón para él por favor? (Can you prepare him a bottle, please?
  3. ¿Puedes acostarse el bebé, por favor? (Can you put the baby to bed, please?)
  4. ¿Puedes bañarse, por favor? (Can you give him a bath, please?)
  5. ¿Puedes poner el bebé en el andador, por favor? (Can you please put the baby in the walker?)

Pacifier = Chupete

Receiving blanket = Manta recipiente

Onesie- Can't help you there!

Car seat= asiento del coche

Stroller: Cochecito de bebé

Hopefully all of those are perfect!

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Oh. "For "bouncer chair", I used andador...walker. - Goyo, SEP 28, 2009
Thanks Greg, someday I´ll be able to translate that well. - quépasa, SEP 28, 2009
Tayler is not a newbie. If nothing else you should know this from looking at the rating "thingies". - samdie, OCT 5, 2009

Something I did for fun while I was pregnant was read the free magazines available at the Dr's office or the hospital. Ask your clinic if you can take some home. I think it's called Padres. It tells you everything in Español and then they have the same magazine in English so that would be a great way to get the baby lingo down. You will also find that the packaging for these items (e.g. onesies and strollers) often have bilingual literature and instructions.

I certainly hope that the father of your child is very helpful for you to be asking him for help. I also hope that his family will be able to provide a support system for you.

This sounds like it could be a stressful situation with a language barrier. I don´t know what your experience is with children but it can be very very overwhelming when you don´t know why your child is crying.

I agree with Jason, a child is a gift from God and you are going to do just fine. Mine daughter is 2 and a half years old and I´m still doing my homework (we´ve had a lot of students requesting... ahem... assistance, lately).

We´re here for you if you have more questions. grin

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Great suggestion!! - Jason7R, SEP 29, 2009

The only homework you will be doing for the next # of years go here... is raising your boy. First congrats a child is truly a gift from God and second wouldn't this be an opportune time to speak with the dad about how to say things or is he not able to speak english at all? Just a thought. It might bond you both even more so to work on the language barrier together as well.

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This would be a perfect time for mom to learn Spanish and dad to learn English. There are many DVD's Spanish For Idiots is $10 English For Idiots $10 and better Spanish-English dictionaries $10 As an ESL teacher, I have access at home and school. - recyclerdave, SEP 28, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I came across this website and that you may find it helpful...

link text

Good luck.

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Muy beneficiosos, quépasa. ¡Eres lo mejor! - Goyo, OCT 5, 2009

So, im having a son in a couple of weeks and i want to be able to speak to his dad about changing his diaper and whatnot.

Assuming that your husband has the sensitivity/experience to know what needs to be done, Hazlo (o Puedes hacerlo) tu, que estoy occupada/cansada/etc. Or, of course, "Te toca a ti."

P.S. Sorry about the diacritics but this computer is not properly configured for Spanish.

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You're having a baby? Good for you. I'm 14 years old, it has been a very long time since I was a baby!

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As an ESL teacher working my English toward Spanish speaking adults and seeing their kids in school speaking both, this does at times frustrate the parents and creates some akwardness or embarrasment.

I suggest you both take language classes and enrich your son and yourselves. Everyone wins with a second language.

Como un maestro de ingles y español, hablando a adultos y veyando sus hijos en la escuela hablando los dos.es frustrando a los padres y creo momentos de desepediando y es mas necesario comunicar y entender ala secunda lengua.

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posted by recyclerdave

I would watch how you speak English so that you can better communicate.

For example, "can you make him a bottle" infers that you are requesting he change this baby boy into a bottle.

Por favor, puedes preparar/ofrescer una botella a nuestro hijo"

Please, can you prepare/offer a bottle to our son.

It's a start.My spanglish works.

I suggest La Leche League as nursing is best when possible.

¡Buena Suerte!

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posted by recyclerdave
"Can you make him a bottle?" is perfectly good and acceptable English, just like "Can I make you a sandwich?" There are really plenty of legitimate grammatical errors on this board. Please go after the real ones. - Goyo, SEP 28, 2009
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