verbos imperfecto y preterito

verbos imperfecto y preterito


Había usar mi repuesto del último el día antes para reparar la bicicleta de mi esposa.

I translate this sentence into english as:

I had used my last spare the day before to repair my wife's bicycle.

I think the usar verb is the the infinitive form because it comes directly after a conjugated form of Haber. Is this correct?

updated SEP 28, 2009
posted by brady-maxwell
Doesn't that sentence require the past participle of usar to say "I had used" - Izanoni1, SEP 28, 2009
I agree. I think it should be "Había usado" - arnold3, SEP 28, 2009

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"Había usado .... I think is correct. and I think the rest is OK.

updated SEP 28, 2009
posted by ian-hill
gracias - brady-maxwell, SEP 28, 2009

In your school, probably yes. But remember when you are talking to person, they may or may not use the infinitive. Just wanting you to keep that in mind so that when you go to Mexico or Peru or que sea, and a person doesn't use the word as you were taught it, doesn't mean it isn't correct (for them). People don't always conform themselves to what a book may say is correct, as you witness in english all day long, they simply speak. wink Know what is corrrect, but maintain your flexibilty, so you don't blow a gasket when you hear something different! wink

updated SEP 28, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo
Right! Sir. - ian-hill, SEP 28, 2009
Cómo se dice "blow a gasket" en español? *grin* - JBlanco, SEP 28, 2009
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