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Proofread my short Spanish paragraph please!


¡Muchas gracias!

I think I am ready to hand in my assignment now smile

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Después de que tengo el desayuno... yo...

Después de tener el desayuno...yo....

When there is no subject change the infinitive rather than a subordinate clause is used.

updated SEP 27, 2009
posted by 0074b507
thanks a lot... honestly i didn't know how to use 'dequés de ___'. I think i am getting a sense of it :) - victory92, SEP 27, 2009

Looks good to me, but look up what the word for toothbrush is. It's different where I live. I've never seen the word you used. wink

updated SEP 27, 2009
posted by ChamacoMalo
Thanks... cepillar means to brush... so cepillarme is me brushing (reflexive verb right?) :) Thanks so much for your time! - victory92, SEP 27, 2009
I think cepillo was what it was suppose to be, a typo maybe - cheeseisyummy, SEP 27, 2009
oh ya... i made a typo... i wrote capillo instead of cepillo... thanks a lot cheeseisyumm! - victory92, SEP 27, 2009

More of a question than a correction, but would it be more common to use tomarme or tener in this case?

tener el desayuno


tomarme el desayuno

updated SEP 27, 2009
posted by Izanoni1
I tried it once (using tomar) and Heidita sent me to the corner. Technically correct, but awkward or some such reasoning. - 0074b507, SEP 27, 2009
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