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"Emigrante, como muchos espanoles..."


Hi, can anyone tell me what the above sentence means?
I am doing a comprehension.
in the text, Jaime stays in Munich, his mum is spanish, but stays in Gernmany since 1952. and "Emigrante, como muchos espanoles...", so Jaime speaks spanish v well.
I dont understand the sentence and thus dont know how to ans the question.

the question is: 'por que habla bien el espanol?

and is the following sentences grammar correct?
"No es feliz con su vida. Porque esta seperado, esta un poco deprimido y se siente solo."
"Martha es la amiga de Eduardo. Es profesora de frances en un colegio."
"Eva es hija de Marta. Es Grecia con su padre ahora. Porque ahora esta de vacaciones."
"Si, Uwe esta soltero. Porque su problema encontrar a la mujer."

Thanks a million!

updated MAR 30, 2008
posted by ele

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i am assuming the question relates to jaime and not his mother. therefore i think an answer could be as follows.
"jaime habla bien el español porque su madre es de españa.
there is no guarantee that despite being the son, that he was born in spain. so he could have learnt spanish from his mother whilst living in germany.

updated MAR 30, 2008
posted by Eddy

1 He's an emigrant like many Spanish people. As for the rest.... :--)

updated MAR 30, 2008
posted by lagartijaverde
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