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How would you say "raise a question" in Spanish?


Yeah, I'm just curious. Something raises a question about something else. How would you say that?

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Plantear una pregunta, plantear una interrogante. También: Cuestionar.

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Poner la pregunta. But that's a really broad statement that depends alot in context. The direct translation of that is to put the question. But if I said this or that thing me pone la pregunta, that would be that thing raised the question in me. If you just want a kinda vanilla bookish way to say it, it would be sube la pregunta...but in everyday life, at least my life, no one really says a thing like that. It's always that thing put the question to me. Esa cosa me pone la pregunta. wink Bueno...now if someone said to me... la pregunta subio, that's different. That's something that come up. But from the "direction" you are asking, if someone said to me la pregunta subio...it just seems bookish and arkward. wink

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