What are you supplementing your learning with?

What are you supplementing your learning with?


I know that some folks out there are using the Rosetta stone series.
My daughter and I have used the Pimsleuer videos a little bit.
I want to know what else is working out there.

I am very content with this program... I´m just curious. smile

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posted by quépasa

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I have several Spanish Language movies now and some English Language dvds let you paly them in Spanish. I am taking Rosetta Stane Latin American Spanish. I use LoMas (I got the 1 year for 100 bucks). I read my Spanish Bible everyday. I only let the Spanish speakers in my platoon talk to me in Spanish. I also print crossword puzzles and word searches to take to work with me.

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posted by Seitheach
¿Cuál es su versículo favorito? - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009
Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece. It's printed in the largest font I have on my wall. - Seitheach, SEP 24, 2009
Steve Green set that verse to music, and I just had to opportunity to teach it to a bunch of Dominican children on a missions trip. They loved it. - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009
Para mi, Jeremias 32:27...He aqui que yo soy Jehova, Dios de toda carne; habra algo que sea dificil para mi? - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009
I really need to figure out how to add accents and upside down question marks. I just totally butchered that verse!! - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009
Those verses really go together good. I have to write that one down - Seitheach, SEP 24, 2009
control alt question mark gets me the upside down questionmark. I have my keyboard set to Spanish (Mexico) U.S. International - Seitheach, SEP 24, 2009
Thanks, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I have also tried using an international keyboard, with no luck. - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009
Have you gone thru you control panel? - Seitheach, SEP 24, 2009
If you do a search you will be able to find out how to do it like I did. - Seitheach, SEP 24, 2009

Hola quépasa,

I'm supplementing my learning by every means available. I think that's what you have to do.

I use-

  1. "Learn in your Car Spanish"- a 9 CD set
  2. "Destinos"a free online video series (excellent)

  3. Latino.msn.com is my homepage. I read as much Spanish news as I can.

  4. I have a bilingual Bible, which I read pretty much every day.

  5. I make a point of reading every bilingual sign I come across.
  6. I listen to Hispanic radio..and watch Hispanic TV when I can
  7. I'm evaluating SpanishPod.com... that seems good.

In short, I'm trying to get as much of it from as many sources as I can.

But of course the best is still SpanishDict.com!

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I also read my Santa Biblia every day. It is surprising how much that helps. - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009
I read La Palabra De Dios daily also. - Seitheach, SEP 24, 2009
¿Cuál es su versículo favorito? - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009

Along with the Spanish Dict free lessons, I'm using:

I'm also, studying for the CLEP Spanish Language exam to get college course credit using this study guide.

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Thanks for the links! - --Mariana--, SEP 25, 2009

I've tried the Berlitz c.d.'s, but that is an immersion program, with not much explanation. With my personality, I felt that it did not provide enough guidance in the beginning. At this stage in my learning, that program is more helpful now as it helps me understand spoken Spanish much better. One site you might want to check out is LoMas TV. You do have to pay monthly to be a member, but it provides transcripts to videos in Spanish and English. You are able to slow down the speed, if necessary and click on words for their definitions. It is not as good as this site, and it costs money, but it is another option for you. I have always wanted to try Rosetta Stone, but could not afford it.

For the most part, I have learned through books, flash cards, Spanish television and through Spanish speaking friends. To be quite honest, this site has provided the most help, with the exception of time spent in Latin America.

I am curious to see the suggestions of others.

updated SEP 24, 2009
posted by Nicole-B
I was looking at LoMas tv for a while, they are kinda neat with all the stuff they offer, such as video play back with slow motion talking thats "pitch corrected" so you can easily slow down their talking to try and understand it. - cheeseisyummy, SEP 24, 2009
Only thing holding me back from them is the money... - cheeseisyummy, SEP 24, 2009
I am also doing LoMas - Seitheach, SEP 24, 2009
Would you agree that this site offers more...but for free? - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009
Overall it looks like it, but LoMas might have more indepth articles on specific areas, and maybe more videos, Im not sure though since I only have a demo account. - cheeseisyummy, SEP 24, 2009
LoMas is pretty good but I spend more time here. - Seitheach, SEP 24, 2009
I agree. - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009
I can only take so much of the corny telenovelas and recipes. - Nicole-B, SEP 24, 2009

I watch at least an hour a day of Spanish TV or movies. At first I watched stuff like the Simpsons, since I already knew the episodes and could follow what was going on without understanding the words. I'd stop every so often and look up a word I didn't know.

Now my Spanish is good enough that I'm watching a couple of telenovelas on Telemundo. The ones I watch are kinda cheesy, but not bad.

I also read some webpages in Spanish, but I have to be careful with that. A news site is fine, but a webcomic isn't guaranteed to have good grammar, or even good spelling. So I have to make sure I stick to fairly professional stuff.

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posted by Jason_Bryant

I'm wondering if I could test out of Spanish with the CLEP exam when I go back to college in a few years. Is it possible with this program without supplements?

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posted by quépasa
You could do the SpanishDict.com program, but the book that I am using has a six week review that my FL department recommended to all CLEP testers. - papercuts, SEP 27, 2009

Also "ver películas en español". It's fun because you get to see how language is used for real, and you get to watch a movie at the same time!

A real good movie is Palabras encadenadas (2003) (Killing Words). A good thriller! www.imdb.com/title/tt0339489/

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It´s time to watch "Like water for Chocolate" again... exelente. - quépasa, SEP 24, 2009
I still havn't seen taht one yet, its on my "to watch" list - cheeseisyummy, SEP 24, 2009


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